Rob Williams PSYCH-K“PSYCH-K® is a series of principles and processes designed to change our beliefs at the sub-conscious level of the mind, which limit the expression of our potential as a divine creature living a human experience.”

Rob Williams, PSYCH-Kcreator

“The secret of life is our BELIEFS. Our beliefs, rather than our genes, control our life.
PSYCH-K® is a set of self-help techniques designed to change the beliefs and perceptions that have an impact on our life at cell level.”Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, PhD

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the printout of your life.

Originated in 1988, PSYCH-K offers information and processes which can help us to greatly accelerate our own personal growth.

Brain Dominance Theory

This unique technique combines a series of different instruments for personal development, some contemporary, and others ancient.
Like many of the most important and effective innovations, PSYCH-K stemmed from a “series of insights” generated by years of research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups.
PSYCH-K is therefore an extremely safe, user-friendly and effective technique for changing obsolete beliefs and perceptions at the sub-conscious level of the mind.

Our reality is made by our beliefs. These beliefs, usually sub-conscious,  are often the result of lifelong “programming” and represent a powerful influence on human behaviour and on the way in which we perceive life in all its aspects.
Different studies in neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our consciousness is actually managed by our sub-conscious, which is the storehouse for our attitudes, values and beliefs.
It is through our beliefs that we form our perception of the world and of our self, and our behaviour develops through these perceptions.
Often, the most effective way to change a form of behaviour (i.e. those behaviours that are self-defeating for our life and goals) is to change the sub-conscious beliefs that underlie that behaviour.
Based on years of split-brain research, also known as Brain Dominance Theory, PSYCH-K offers various ways to quickly identify and transform self-limiting sub-conscious beliefs in the areas of financial prosperity, self-esteem, health and body issues such as weight loss, relationships, career etc..

PSYCH-K is therefore a process that can free our mind from the limitations deriving from the past in a quick, effective and easy way.

Is PSYCH-K® a “mental control system”?

Your Own Mental Control

When someone talks about sub-conscious, one of the first questions people ask is: “ are you trying to control my mind without my permission?”.

That is a very good question, because nowadays we are constantly controlled in almost every aspect of life.
PSYCH-K provides us with instruments and knowledge to enable us to control our own mind and therefore not to be susceptible to the will of others, when it does not correspond to our own.

So, the best answer to the question “Is PSYCH-K a mental control system?” is ” Yes, in some ways, because it GIVES YOU CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND.”

What is the Muscle testing and how does it work?

Muscle Testing was developed 40 years ago in the U.S. by George Goodheart, D.C. (creator of Applied Kinesiology).
In PSYCH-K, the Muscle Test is used as a simple and direct means of communication with the sub-conscious.

The sub-conscious mind controls the Autonomic Nervous System, and is responsible for controlling the body’s autonomous physical and neurological functions.
For example, our body moves because our sub-conscious manages a complex network of electrical signals, which are sent to the right muscles at the right moment to complete an action, such as grasping an object.
Muscle TestThe strength of the electrical signal determines the strength of the muscle’s response; but the intensity of the electrical signal is closely linked to the thoughts that are in our mind at that particular moment.
When the mind is holding a “stressful” thought, an electrical conflict is created that reduces the strength of the signal to the muscle, which results in a loss of strength in the muscle.
The same thing happens when a person says something that the sub-conscious does not agree with; in this case, there is a reduction in the strength of all the muscles in the body.
Consequently, the muscle test can be used to determine which thoughts lead to physical stress, and which beliefs are supported by our sub-conscious mind and what are not. It has been used in the past and is currently used also in other fields, to test, among other things, the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals, imbalances in energy meridians, organic stress, food intolerance, allergies, etc..

It must be stressed, therefore, that PSYCH-K and the Muscle Test are not synonyms. PSYCH-K uses the Muscle Test to communicate with the super-conscious and the sub-conscious mind.
PSYCH-K is a specific set of techniques designed to help us change our beliefs, and it uses the muscle test as a way to communicate with the sub-conscious and super-conscious mind. But don’t forget: our sub-conscious is not an Infallible Prophet! You must be careful when asking questions such as: “Do I have to….?”, because there is the danger of mis-using the muscle test: some people use it as if it were the most important “source of truth”, as an alternative to the judgement of the conscious mind. Our sub-conscious represents our reality, not the Supreme Truth.

How can beliefs and attitudes that I have had for years change in a few minutes with PSYCH-K®?

fast change

Lots of people think that beliefs and negative attitudes are like little voices in their heads, trying in every way to make their life miserable.

For example, just think of documents stored on a PC as “micro-documents”.
Both software on a PC and the beliefs in the mind are energy patterns stored in an electromagnetic field. When that field is disturbed, these energy patterns change.
An energy pattern stored in a computer for 30 years can be modified or deleted just as quickly as a pattern that has been stored for only 30 minutes! The same thing happens with the mind. The key is how to change the pattern, it doesn’t matter how long this pattern has existed.

How often do I have to reinforce a balance?

DoneThis question is associated with the belief that it is impossible to change old attitudes or habits, and that one’s old beliefs can unexpectedly re-emerge, removing all our defences, and sabotaging our happiness.

Sometimes a balance needs support to accelerate the new belief integration process, but rarely a person needs to do the same balance for the same goal more than once.

Do I have to recall my past painful experiences to solve them?

Many branches of psychotherapy say that entering into direct contact with certain emotions or memories is a necessary step to obtain significant changes.

Remmain CuriousIn PSYCH-K this is not necessarily the case. In our experience, it has been noted that, when it needs to, the sub-conscious mind can enter into contact with a past memory or emotion to change a belief, but that when this contact is unnecessary, there is no emotional catharsis just to satisfy the patient, therapist or instructor’s expectations. Everyone is different and the solution to problems differ from person to person. So, the best approach is not to have any specific expectations about balance development, but to remain curious about what can happen and respect the individual person.

My personal experience with PSYCH-K®

I discovered PSYCH-K® thanks to Bruce Lipton, Biologist and author of the book “The biology of beliefs”.

I was attracted to his theory about the incredible influence that a “belief” can have at a cellular level,  being able to modify one’s DNA. Being a therapist, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of investigating this matter (above all after having attended an interesting two year course on New Germanic Medicine, that demonstrates in a scientific way how  a violent and unexpected  conflict experienced by a person can create an immediate response of the body, improperly called “illness”).
life-changingI attended a basic and an advanced PSYCH-K  course, and I immediately started using it to balance for myself and for my various needs, some of them very deep and others more playful (that’s the great thing about PSYCH-K).
What do I like about PSYCH-K? It is user-friendly, simple, immediate, incredibly effective and absolutely not manipulative. My way of practising osteopathy has also changed after these courses:  I am no longer that therapist  who knows everything and cures everything, but the patient himself is the master of the process, because nobody better than him knows what, how and why there is a certain situation.
PSYCH-K is not a therapy that has to be done ON someone or TO someone, but is a process that has to be done TOGETHER WITH someone.
It also gave me the means to enable me to develop other methods in a more fluid way. PSYCH-K  can be used practically for everything without being considered  an elitist instrument, and this is one of its most appreciated characteristics. Since discovering PSYCH-K I have continued  studying other subject-matters, but thanks to this incredible method I can immediately use every new thing I learn, not leaving the new-found knowledge at a theoretical stage (and this makes a great difference, doesn’t it?).
I use it a lot in my profession to discover, together with the patient, what is the real message hidden behind the symptom, to be able to balance it , no matter if it is a headache or something more serious.
Another fantastic characteristic of PSYCH-K? It is free! You cannot put it into any religious or philosophic category, it can be used in any place of the world regardless of your culture or religion.
It is an instrument to determine the beliefs you want to have in your life, not a method that tells you what you have to believe.

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