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PSYCH-K and Children

Dear all, in this video I’m happy to share a PSYCH-K Balance I’ve done with “Children”. What I tell in the video is my personal experience and it doesn’t pretend to be right or “the truth” in any way. If you like the idea of doing some PSYCH-K Balances for children I invite you to […]

Motivation VS Fear

I have a tendency to be lazy when it comes to physical activity. It has always been more natural for me to “train” my mind and spirit, but without moving my butt, unless it was absolutely necessary and never without complaint. I have started all different kinds of physical activities, being driven by a sense […]

I Remember the Future

I am writing this post from Crestone, in Colorado, USA, where I am with Rob Williams, founder of  PSYCH-K, and Robin Graham, director of the PER-K program. Rob is a visionary, a person who is able to “see” things before others. He is able to perceive the possible consequences, on a global level, of a […]

The Difference between Wisdom and Fear

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between wisdom and fear? Fear, most of the time limits you and doesn’t allow you to express your full potential. In this case, transforming it into peace, courage or anything else you desire and acting accordingly is very important. Examples of this type of (unhealthy) fear […]