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TIP instead of RIP

While riding my bike, I saw a beautiful white cat dead on the roadside . After an initial sadness (I love animals and cats in particular), I said the usual “rest in peace “. Immediately after, my system slapped my face telling me: “Why don’t you say ‘transit in peace’? The cat’s life is not […]

How Important Is To Take Action

Dear all I’m writing from Barcelona airport, waiting for the plane to Milan after a fantastic week in this amazing city . From Thursday to Sunday, I taught a PSYCH-K Health and Wellness Program, and like in every workshop , this too was unique and magic. Every participant was humble and willing to change, with […]

The Strategic Problem Solving ®

Dear all, I love to share practical and useful things that can help us to have a magnificent life. The best tool for me is PSYCH-K also because it can be used with other different approaches empowering them in an amazing way. This post is about Strategic Problem Solving. If you have PSYCH-K you can […]

The 7 Huna Principles

Dear all, when I learned PSYCH -K ® 2007 , and when I experienced its incredible effectiveness I wanted to go deeper into its routs. One of the philosophies deeply related to PSYCH-K is Huna: simple , powerful, effective. I had the luck and the honor to know and do some workshops with Serge Kahili […]