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The Second IKE’s Corollary

Corollary: All the Systems Are Arbitrary If you haven’t read IKE’s introduction click here If you haven’t read IKE’s first corollary click here  There is a story of a young man who embarked on a dangerous and time-consuming journey to find a wise old man and ask him the meaning of life. When at last he confronted […]

The First IKE’s Corollary

Corollary: Everything is a dream If you haven’t read IKE’s introduction, click here In addition to recognizing the effects on experience of attitude, expectation, telepathy, and belief, shamans also hold the exceptionally subtle idea that life is a dream; that, in fact, we dream our lives into being. This does not mean that life is an […]

Why for some people it’s easy to be succesful

Why some things are easier for some people and harder for others in some areas of life? There are many answers, depending on our philosophy and culture. Predestination is one answer. In this philosophy everything is predetermined, either by God in some form or by impersonal Fate. The upside is that it’s not our fault. […]