PSYCH-K and Children

Dear all, in this video I’m happy to share a PSYCH-K Balance I’ve done with “Children”. What I tell in the video is my personal experience and it doesn’t pretend to be right or “the truth” in any way. If you like the idea of doing some PSYCH-K Balances for children I invite you to do that and to share your experience, it could be useful for who will watch the video and read your comments! 

Thank you and a big hug!

P.S.: I’m sorry for the poor video quality but I recorder it while driving!


Motivation VS Fear

I have a tendency to be lazy when it comes to physical activity. It has always been more natural for me to “train” my mind and spirit, but without moving my butt, unless it was absolutely necessary and never without complaint.

I have started all different kinds of physical activities, being driven by a sense of duty, of an underhand fear of ageing or scared of being judged. All of which relentlessly concluded after just a few weeks, due to a complete lack of real motivation and enjoyment.

When we do something by obligation or fear (of ageing, of illness, of being judged) the energy that drives us to do it is usually tied to distancing ourselves from something that we want, rather than bringing us closer to something we love. Therefore, it becomes an energy that goes towards contraction, not towards expansion or growth.

Up until now, I have never found real motivation to rejoice in doing some kind of physical activity in a consistent manner. Then I read a book, that caused me to make that decision. It brings together in a very clear and simple way, the importance of moving the body with spiritual evolution, that is by all means the most important thing in my life, because it touches every aspect: relationships, health, work, etc.

Motivation towards something is very important, no matter what it is. It is the true thrust behind the continuation of doing something in a consistent, easy and natural way. At that point, the concepts of sacrifice, perseverance, and heroism in doing something that causes us to suffer completely disappear, and they transform into satisfaction, enjoyment, discovery and evolution.

It is a very important change in paradigm, since the concepts shown above (sacrifice, suffering…) have always had a great appeal, especially when tied to success; just think about how many movies and books have celebrated these concepts. I believe that this is outdated and that this approach is no longer necessary.

Discover what you love to do, what is really important in your life. Transform the limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to follow your innate passion and then enjoy life in its splendid beauty and simplicity.

A big hug


The “Secret/no Secret” about being Successful

I have spent a large amount of my life trying to be “perfect” so that I could be accepted and loved.

This demeanor of mine, along with the want to make everyone happy, is a sure way to failure in every aspect of life, believe me.

So what is the true essence of success? It’s so obvious that it is underestimated: be yourselves at 100%.

Show your talents and your weaknesses, be ready to be vulnerable and stay calm when up against the criticism of those who don’t understand you. Learn to laugh about your weaknesses that will transform into your strength. In other words, be proud of who you are.

I believe that the most important practice we can do for our own evolution is not to copy modalities of success of other people, but to shed day after day those veils that cover our essence. If you really want to be like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama or others that you see as an example, then copy their courage to be themselves.

Lots of “gurus” and successful people propose infallible programs and methods to be like them (yes, you have understood correctly, to be like them, and this makes it very difficult for you to be yourselves), without taking into consideration that it worked for them, that it worked due to their belief system, because of their history and because of who they uniquely are.

Being their clones does not work, being yourselves, does.

This is one of the many reasons I love PSYCH-K. During workshops or sessions, success or behavior models are not given. The person is given the possibility to be his/herself, in all their beauty and uniqueness. In addition, it is always the person that chooses whom to be.

The only advice given during the courses is to be inspired by Nature that coincidentally, is always itself. (I have never seen a cat doing a workshop to become a successful fox).

Ever since, I have known PSYCH-K I have shed many veils, and I know there are still more (life is an ongoing evolution), but one thing I can say to you: I wouldn’t want to be anyone else and I love to meet and be with people who are proud to be themselves, who, coincidentally happen to be very successful…

A big hug


I Remember the Future

I am writing this post from Crestone, in Colorado, USA, where I am with Rob Williams, founder of  PSYCH-K, and Robin Graham, director of the PER-K program.

Rob is a visionary, a person who is able to “see” things before others. He is able to perceive the possible consequences, on a global level, of a decision which may seem optimal in the present moment, but can have a disastrous effect on the long term.

It brings to my mind the example of the “butterfly effect“: the idea is that small variations in an initial phase can produce huge variations to a system on a long term. In other words, a flap of the wings of a butterfly on the Earth can cause a terrible storm in another part of the Universe.

We often make decisions based on the immediate benefit they give us, without considering the long term effects they can have.

Being able to “remember the future” just as we remember the past would give us an enormous help in understanding the effect our decisions and actions have on our reality and on that of others. It would stop us from making rushed decisions that are tied to primary needs, and we would be able to see the “Big Picture” or “Forest” rather than focusing just on ourselves or just on our “tree”.

If you like this idea and you are familiar with PSYCH-K, you can balance “I remember the future” or any other belief statement that this post stimulated within you.

A big hug!


The Difference between Wisdom and Fear

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between wisdom and fear?

Fear, most of the time limits you and doesn’t allow you to express your full potential. In this case, transforming it into peace, courage or anything else you desire and acting accordingly is very important.

Examples of this type of (unhealthy) fear are the fear of judgement, of not being able to do something, of something new, phobias, etc.

Let’s talk about wisdom: an example can be more helpful than a thousand words.

If you were asked to get into a bath full of poisonous spiders (or some other poisonous/deadly creature) or throw yourself from the top floor of a skyscraper, would you be afraid?

This kind of fear would naturally stem from your instinct for survival and so you would refuse THANKS to that. So this fear is not comparable to that described at the beginning of this post, instead it is wisdom, or good sense.

I believe it is very important to distinguish clearly fear from wisdom and act accordingly each time.

If I am able to understand that I am choosing to not do something because I have an (unhealthy) fear towards it, then I can transform it immediately. Whereas, if I am able to understand that I am not doing something because it is quite certainly dangerous, I simply won’t do it and will not use my time to transform it and get frustrated with the lack of results.

A few months ago, I did a PSYCH-K balancing that was very helpful to me: “I clearly distinguish between fear and wisdom and act accordingly”. Every time I become aware that I have a limiting unhealthy fear, I transform it immediately, always using PSYCH-K.

If you know PSYCH-K and you like the above-mentioned belief, you can personalize it and balance it so you can work directly on the fears/phobias that are limiting you (with a belief or an approach to balance a trauma or stress).

If you don’t know PSYCH-K, there is a methododology called Dynamind that could be of help to you for transforming fears and phobias. Click here to download it (it is a secure PDF that you can save on your computer). You can do Dynamind and then “dare”;)

A big hug !