Eyes Healing Power

Animals, as it’s well known, have a huge therapeutic effect for human beings. Whoever owns an animal knows it very well: caressing a cat or a dog, listening the purring, watching them to play or to hunt, are actions that allow us to relax, amuse and stay healthy.

We love our animals and they love us unconditionally. Their love is free from any needs, without compromises, free from the fear of hurting.

Animals are the pure expression of their soul, free from all the filters we, human beings, collect since we born.

And now let’s go to this article’s core: every time we look into an animal’s eyes (it can be our animal or just a picture), their eyes are so pure and free from any kind of judgment that have the power to bare us, to let us see who we truly are, with all our weaknesses and strengths.

If we have the courage to look them into our eyes for enough time, we’ll feel a profound shift, a kind of automatic healing process. For someone it could be sad or painful, and if you’ll keep doing that, this sensation will transform and you will have given yourself the opportunity of healing through your soul, reflected in your animal’s pure unconditional love eyes.

In practice:

If you have an animal, you can do what you have just read. If you don’t have an animal you can do this with a picture, also with one of the two in this post.

A huge hug to everybody and have a fantabulous trip with your soul!



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