Is Diversity important for our evolution?

I believe that the Principles of Nature mentioned in the  PSYCH-K Basic Workshop are amazing tips for working on every aspect of life.

One of these is “Diversity”, a difficult concept on one hand, because it brings us out of our comfort zone, but on the other hand very enriching.

Think about the importance of diversity in relationships: it is one of the major sources of stress and one of the great opportunities to have expansive and stimulating relationships.

It can be natural for us to hug our partner, or it can make us uncomfortable because they are different to us, because they don’t do things our way or because their habits are different to ours.

We often try to mould the other person to be our own image or similar to us, not through maliciousness, but just to remain in a territory that is familiar to us, because our subconscious loves what it is familiar with and often perceives change as dangerous.

To recognize and appreciate the uniqueness and the diversity of our partner (or of any person, object, and idea) is an essential aspect to having amazing relationships and to be able to grow in an exponential way.

If we surround ourselves with people the same as us or try to change others so they are like us, this drastically reduces our opportunity to evolve and grow.

The image I chose for this post helps us understand that in order to create a masterpiece of art it is important to use different colours. In the viewpoint Oneness, acknowledging, understanding and giving value to what is different to us (in such, we are One), enriches a part of us which would otherwise be under developed. In order to make our life into a complete masterpiece it may be useful to accept honour and embrace diversity.

Also within a therapeutic environment, this is fundamental. In PSYCH-K we often refer to the concept of Isumataq: “the person who keeps the sacred space in which wisdom reveals itself”.

The PSYCH-K facilitator is the Isumataq, keeper of the sacred space where the partner feels safe and able to access his/her own wisdom to find the solutions to his/her problems.

An excellent Isumataq respects the diversity of the person with whom they are working, they give them value, and they understand and reinforce their strong points without trying to impose a solution.

I hope this post is useful for you!

A big hug until next time!

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  1. kate wright
    kate wright says:

    I love the image you use — a picture is worth many, many words. Sometimes have clients who want their spouses, partners, children, friends to experience Psych-k.
    And I say fine if they really want to come and are not doing it to please you. But I also say miracles happen when you change your own beliefs, perceptions,behaviors assisted by Psych-k work.

  2. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Thanks for this. Beautifully said, as always.

    I agree that within the paradox of life one finds the answers… But being open to the paradox, the diversity, is the first big step toward self-evolution.

  3. Becky McLoughlin
    Becky McLoughlin says:

    Once again you put words to what is in my heart. I have been questioning how to be the best PSYCH-K Facilitator I can be and this holds the answer, THANK YOU!


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