Motivation VS Fear

I have a tendency to be lazy when it comes to physical activity. It has always been more natural for me to “train” my mind and spirit, but without moving my butt, unless it was absolutely necessary and never without complaint.

I have started all different kinds of physical activities, being driven by a sense of duty, of an underhand fear of ageing or scared of being judged. All of which relentlessly concluded after just a few weeks, due to a complete lack of real motivation and enjoyment.

When we do something by obligation or fear (of ageing, of illness, of being judged) the energy that drives us to do it is usually tied to distancing ourselves from something that we want, rather than bringing us closer to something we love. Therefore, it becomes an energy that goes towards contraction, not towards expansion or growth.

Up until now, I have never found real motivation to rejoice in doing some kind of physical activity in a consistent manner. Then I read a book, that caused me to make that decision. It brings together in a very clear and simple way, the importance of moving the body with spiritual evolution, that is by all means the most important thing in my life, because it touches every aspect: relationships, health, work, etc.

Motivation towards something is very important, no matter what it is. It is the true thrust behind the continuation of doing something in a consistent, easy and natural way. At that point, the concepts of sacrifice, perseverance, and heroism in doing something that causes us to suffer completely disappear, and they transform into satisfaction, enjoyment, discovery and evolution.

It is a very important change in paradigm, since the concepts shown above (sacrifice, suffering…) have always had a great appeal, especially when tied to success; just think about how many movies and books have celebrated these concepts. I believe that this is outdated and that this approach is no longer necessary.

Discover what you love to do, what is really important in your life. Transform the limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to follow your innate passion and then enjoy life in its splendid beauty and simplicity.

A big hug


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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights Duccio.
    I would love to read the book you referred too. I like your idea of moving the body being like spiritual evolution. The opportunity of growth rather than sacrifice is very insightful.


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