Rob Williams PSYCH-K“PSYCH-K® is a series of principles and processes designed to change our beliefs at the sub-conscious level of the mind, which limit the expression of our potential as a divine creature living a human experience.”

Rob Williams, PSYCH-Kcreator

“The secret of life is our BELIEFS. Our beliefs, rather than our genes, control our life.
PSYCH-K® is a set of self-help techniques designed to change the beliefs and perceptions that have an impact on our life at cell level.”Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, PhD



An extremely respectful and interactive process of change with recorded proof of its success that dates back more than 25 years.

A simple and powerful method to change beliefs on a subconscious level that are self- limiting and self-sabotaging our daily lives.

An incomparable combination of tools for change, some modern and others ancient, originating from advanced neuroscience research (link Jeff Fanning) along with the ancient wisdom of mind/body/spirit.

An extremely powerful approach to facilitate change at the subconscious level, which is where 95% of our consciousness is managed.

A process that goes beyond the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, willpower and positive thinking commonly used to transform limiting habits, to help reach a state of wellness and for reduction of stress.