PSYCH-K and Children

Dear all, in this video I’m happy to share a PSYCH-K Balance I’ve done with “Children”. What I tell in the video is my personal experience and it doesn’t pretend to be right or “the truth” in any way. If you like the idea of doing some PSYCH-K Balances for children I invite you to do that and to share your experience, it could be useful for who will watch the video and read your comments! 

Thank you and a big hug!

P.S.: I’m sorry for the poor video quality but I recorder it while driving!


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  1. Suzi D'Offay De Rieux
    Suzi D'Offay De Rieux says:

    Beautiful and poignant Duccio, and as with adults (in my experience) it’s also equally important to balance for integration and liberation of own inner children so to end disempowering re-enacting in relationships projection and entanglement-moving towards peace, harmony and balance. Unconditional love all the way.!

    Thank you 😊

  2. Anneke Davids
    Anneke Davids says:

    Dear Duccio,
    Thank you very much to share your view about children and the need of unconditional love, how important it is for all of us and especially for children. I believe that we can do a lot of beautiful work in surrogation for children. But it is also important to support children to trust themselves, to let them feel and experience that they have a lot of strength. In the primary schools there is a lot of bullying going on. If the children are in a environment all day long, listening to dirty words, judgement about their hear or clothes, they are going to believe that this is true. I love to develop together with a child the key to their own inner power, to see after one or two PSYCH-K sessions that they are laughing again, being happier, able to love themselves more. Wishing you love and light, Anneke


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