The PSYCH-K Hangouts are online events where we talk about PSYCH-K.

There are 3 main types of Hangouts:

1) For those who have already attended the PSYH-K workshops, there will be specific Hangouts for the Basic Workshop, the Advanced Workshop and the HWP Workshop. These will all be free of charge with the objective to clear up any doubts and to answer questions. .

2) There will be presentations for those who have not yet done the workshops, to explain this marvellous methodology.

3) There will be those of in-depth analysis, linked to the PSYCH-K HWP workshop (for those who have attended the PSCH-K HWP workshop).

It’s very simple to participate at one of the PSYCH-K Hangouts: we will send you a link where you will be able to see and listen to the event and interact by writing your questions. If you have attended the PSYCH-K workshops you will receive an email with the Hangouts you are able to be take part in. Those who have attended the Basic and Advanced workshops will be able to take part in both events. All you will need is a computer/tablet/smartphone and an internet connection.

Click here to see the Calender of the forthcoming dates of the Hangouts.

If you have not attended the PSYCH-K workshops and you are interested in the presentation, complete the form below and we will advise you when there will be the next Hangout presentation, and you will be sent all the necessary instructions to view it.