“The requirements for this course are completion of the Basic and Advanced workshops with a high level of familiarity with the Advanced balances, in particular the Core Belief and Life Bonding Balances. This course is designed for anyone who has a passion for assisting others or one’s self with health challenges and has a desire to broaden the scope of PSYCH-K® facilitation skills, applications, and tools directly related to health situations. Additionally, it is also a great option for healthcare professionals who currently have an established practice or network, as an ideal adjunct for any clinician endeavoring to create a more holistic practice.

Upon satisfactory completion of this program, you will receive an Affirmation of Attendance as a “PSYCH-K® Health & Wellness Facilitator’.

This program does not provide any form of licensure in any capacity or in any jurisdiction. Nor, does it provide training to diagnose or treat any illness. The purpose of this program is to increase and enhance a PSYCH-K® facilitator’s ability to address and resolve beliefs and attitudes that may underlie illness.

No claim is made that PSYCH-K® can be used to heal illness. However, some people may experience varying degrees of dissipation of an illness after facilitation of processes offered in this program, due to the mind/body connection, as it relates to the research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, and the emerging field of epigenetics.  It is also possible that symptoms may be ameliorated in such a way that the body becomes more favorably disposed to typical conventional medical treatments, thus working in a collaborative role in the healing process.


‘Re-member’ our original Divine, perfect, healthy state and stay aligned with it.

Think in fresh, creative, unconventional ways to perceive and approach health situations very differently.

Manage health situations from beginning to end, putting intention and attention on a state of well-being.