I Remember the Future

I am writing this post from Crestone, in Colorado, USA, where I am with Rob Williams, founder of  PSYCH-K, and Robin Graham, director of the PER-K program.

Rob is a visionary, a person who is able to “see” things before others. He is able to perceive the possible consequences, on a global level, of a decision which may seem optimal in the present moment, but can have a disastrous effect on the long term.

It brings to my mind the example of the “butterfly effect“: the idea is that small variations in an initial phase can produce huge variations to a system on a long term. In other words, a flap of the wings of a butterfly on the Earth can cause a terrible storm in another part of the Universe.

We often make decisions based on the immediate benefit they give us, without considering the long term effects they can have.

Being able to “remember the future” just as we remember the past would give us an enormous help in understanding the effect our decisions and actions have on our reality and on that of others. It would stop us from making rushed decisions that are tied to primary needs, and we would be able to see the “Big Picture” or “Forest” rather than focusing just on ourselves or just on our “tree”.

If you like this idea and you are familiar with PSYCH-K, you can balance “I remember the future” or any other belief statement that this post stimulated within you.

A big hug!


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