The Difference between Wisdom and Fear

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between wisdom and fear?

Fear, most of the time limits you and doesn’t allow you to express your full potential. In this case, transforming it into peace, courage or anything else you desire and acting accordingly is very important.

Examples of this type of (unhealthy) fear are the fear of judgement, of not being able to do something, of something new, phobias, etc.

Let’s talk about wisdom: an example can be more helpful than a thousand words.

If you were asked to get into a bath full of poisonous spiders (or some other poisonous/deadly creature) or throw yourself from the top floor of a skyscraper, would you be afraid?

This kind of fear would naturally stem from your instinct for survival and so you would refuse THANKS to that. So this fear is not comparable to that described at the beginning of this post, instead it is wisdom, or good sense.

I believe it is very important to distinguish clearly fear from wisdom and act accordingly each time.

If I am able to understand that I am choosing to not do something because I have an (unhealthy) fear towards it, then I can transform it immediately. Whereas, if I am able to understand that I am not doing something because it is quite certainly dangerous, I simply won’t do it and will not use my time to transform it and get frustrated with the lack of results.

A few months ago, I did a PSYCH-K balancing that was very helpful to me: “I clearly distinguish between fear and wisdom and act accordingly”. Every time I become aware that I have a limiting unhealthy fear, I transform it immediately, always using PSYCH-K.

If you know PSYCH-K and you like the above-mentioned belief, you can personalize it and balance it so you can work directly on the fears/phobias that are limiting you (with a belief or an approach to balance a trauma or stress).

If you don’t know PSYCH-K, there is a methododology called Dynamind that could be of help to you for transforming fears and phobias. Click here to download it (it is a secure PDF that you can save on your computer). You can do Dynamind and then “dare”;)

A big hug !

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