Your subconscious mind can be your biggest ally or your biggest enemy.

It handles all of your beliefs (both reinforcing and limiting), your fears and your traumatic and stressful experiences.

When you do something for the first time and the end result is failure or different to your expectations, you automatically create a memory on a subconscious level that associates that action with failure. Therefore, every time you try again to repeat that action, your subconscious reconnects instantly to the failure and recreates it.

Think about your experiences at school, at playing sports, at relationships, just to mention a few examples.

It’s a vicious circle, that if it is not broken in some way will continue to reiterate and feed itself.

Take a moment to think about it. You try to do something once and you are not satisfied of the outcome: the cycle mentioned above is established. You try again and without success and this reinforces the negative belief regarding that action. This goes on until you give up or change strategy.

Certainly, there are experiences in life that if repeated over and over  again they will bring success, even if there was an initial failure, often this takes time and effort.

So, how can you avoid falling into this trap?

I can suggest 3 strategies to take:

Next time you find yourself doing something that in the beginning did not give the results you hoped for:

1. Visualize mentally many times over,  a realty in which everything goes how you wish it to and then straight after that do the action. This is to be done every time you make that action.

2. This is similar to the one above but, before you make the action, become empty, free yourself of the expectations, let the universe work for you, and then do the action. This is to be done every time you make the action.

3. Using PSYCH-K: balance to transform the first traumatic episode and, if you like, you can integrate a belief like: “Every time I do something I ONLY access to successful experiences”. This is to be done just once (that’s why I love PSYCH-K) and then enjoy all the actions you want.

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A big hug!


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  1. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson says:

    Thank you Duccio, for this clear and concise explanation. It offers an easy way to explain the power of the subconscious mind. It also offers several methods to work with your subconscious to transform or improve your results. Deep appreciation and love. See you soon In Vernonia, Oregon USA

  2. Ramona
    Ramona says:

    Thanks Duccio, I will use these techniques often. I need to write regularly for my business and sometimes I procrastinate, pretending I have writer’s block. No more of this nonsense. Thanks to the tips you have shared, I will sit down and crank out great content whenever I sit down to write, Thank you and bless you. Love, Ramona
    Pleasanton, CA USA


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