The Illusion of Cutting The Umbilical Cord

Hi everyone, I am happy to share a reflection with you that I had about the cutting of the umbilical cord.

I have done much personal work on myself and with others regarding this subject.

During a recent PSYCH-K balance, I realized that on a certain level of reality, the cutting of the umbilical cord is just an illusion based on fear and anger.

Since we are all one, rather than cutting the umbilical cord, we can work to maintain all that is good and enhanced by the relationship with the other person, and dissolve all of the limiting aspects and the things we don’t like.

This is a work based on love instead of fear; it is based on being one and not on the illusion of separation and can give wonderful results.

If you like this idea, you can put it into practice using PSYCH-K or other methodologies.

A big hug to everyone, see you soon!

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  1. Marina Riemslagh
    Marina Riemslagh says:

    Hi Duccio,
    Thank you for your reflections about the umbilical cord. I only had one, litteraly, with my mother. Since I did a relationshipbalance – and if necessary I do it again as relationships can change – I am in peace with her. For me all the work is done during the relationshipbalance as it creates peace between us. Peace means I am in alignment with this person, subconsciously, consciously and of course superconsciously. We are one and peace is the result of this balance…
    For the relationships with other people in Belgium we don’t use the word ‘umbilical cord’ as no other relationship can be so life necessary as the nine month pregnancy. Perhaps this is different use of language in Italy? Though I love your reflection of keeping all the best. I would add ‘learning from the difficult qualities’ as they are also given to me. I can use them as growth opportunities…
    Love and blessings,

    • Duccio Locati
      Duccio Locati says:

      Hi Marina! Yes, in Italy we use the word “umbilical cord” in order to describe a very deep bond/relationship. And, as always, we can change the word to fit our intention and in the way our subconscious understands it ;). A bi hug and Thanks for your suggestions and feedbacks!

  2. Renee king
    Renee king says:

    Duccio. These thoughts have been mine also in the past few weeks as I’m becoming aware of when I’m operating out of fear versa love and compassion. When we realize we are one there is no need for fear and be fending the ego.
    Thanks for the idea if the umbilical cord. It sustains us and our relationships!

  3. Becky McLoughlin
    Becky McLoughlin says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you! I have done some work with the illusions of ‘cutting the umbilical cord’. Thank you for the reminder that love is a key ingredient!!!

    Much love and gratitude,

  4. Aileen
    Aileen says:

    This is excellent! Reminds me of Dr. Roy Martina’s de-linking meditation where he guides individuals to have the painful chains binding them to another individual be cut while parting with a strong heart-to-heart connection of unconditional love.


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