The last day of your life and your contribution

Imagine that this is the last day of your life: that you have managed to do everything that you had wanted to do and that your contribution to the world is clear, evident and visible all around you.

If you could describe now all that you can see, how would you describe the world around you? Where are you in this important moment of transition? Where, on a tangible level, can you see your contribution? Who are the people who have remained close to you?

In my visualization, the first obvious thing that I saw whilst flying over many countries in the world, was the disappearance of hospitals, that they were torn down. In their place, there were beautiful parks, full of trees. The essence of this represented the contribution I am making along with other wonderful people, such as therapists and doctors, that without whom none of this would be possible. A world where everyone can maintain an optimum state of health autonomously.

I had other beautiful sensations both visible and perceptual around me, clearly created from the contribution of other people. There was a lovely silence due to the fact that cars with engines had been substituted by electric ones or by other clean and zero costing technologies.  I noticed the absence of money: the evolution of people in that moment was such that everyone did well what they loved to do, by offering their services to the community with joy; they were always in a win-win situation.  All of this worked in a perfect balance.

Even the moment of my death was beautiful: I did not perceive it as something that was arriving; it was more like something I was deciding to do with awareness, joy and serenity. I was consciously aware that my journey here was at the end and that another wonderful journey was awaiting me. I was in the midst of nature, alone – this initially surprised me because I expected to be surrounded by my loved ones – then immediately after I understood why: I did not need people to be around me, I was happy that my loved ones were around the world giving their contribution, free from all the beliefs and rituals that we have now towards life and death.

If you would like to go on this “journey” and you have, some strong insights while doing it (towards your meaning in this dimension, towards life, towards death, towards other people) then you can balance and make action plans regarding these.

If you would like to leave a comment below, I will be deeply grateful. It will be useful for me and   for all those who will read it.

A big hug


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