The “Secret/no Secret” about being Successful

I have spent a large amount of my life trying to be “perfect” so that I could be accepted and loved.

This demeanor of mine, along with the want to make everyone happy, is a sure way to failure in every aspect of life, believe me.

So what is the true essence of success? It’s so obvious that it is underestimated: be yourselves at 100%.

Show your talents and your weaknesses, be ready to be vulnerable and stay calm when up against the criticism of those who don’t understand you. Learn to laugh about your weaknesses that will transform into your strength. In other words, be proud of who you are.

I believe that the most important practice we can do for our own evolution is not to copy modalities of success of other people, but to shed day after day those veils that cover our essence. If you really want to be like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama or others that you see as an example, then copy their courage to be themselves.

Lots of “gurus” and successful people propose infallible programs and methods to be like them (yes, you have understood correctly, to be like them, and this makes it very difficult for you to be yourselves), without taking into consideration that it worked for them, that it worked due to their belief system, because of their history and because of who they uniquely are.

Being their clones does not work, being yourselves, does.

This is one of the many reasons I love PSYCH-K. During workshops or sessions, success or behavior models are not given. The person is given the possibility to be his/herself, in all their beauty and uniqueness. In addition, it is always the person that chooses whom to be.

The only advice given during the courses is to be inspired by Nature that coincidentally, is always itself. (I have never seen a cat doing a workshop to become a successful fox).

Ever since, I have known PSYCH-K I have shed many veils, and I know there are still more (life is an ongoing evolution), but one thing I can say to you: I wouldn’t want to be anyone else and I love to meet and be with people who are proud to be themselves, who, coincidentally happen to be very successful…

A big hug


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  1. Raija Matinpalo
    Raija Matinpalo says:

    That was a lovely example, of the cat wanting to be a fox 😉
    This feeling of never ‘being enough’ is really familiar to me and I believe we are not the only ones…?
    We have been trained to try so hard to succeed and rise and shine like someone else, so no wonder. It’s good that you remind us that to be oneself is always the best thing to do, in order to succeed, in any arena.
    The best thing you can put on your face is a smile 😉


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