TIP instead of RIP

While riding my bike, I saw a beautiful white cat dead on the roadside .

After an initial sadness (I love animals and cats in particular), I said the usual “rest in peace “. Immediately after, my system slapped my face telling me: “Why don’t you say ‘transit in peace’? The cat’s life is not ended, its soul has left the body and it’s going to the next step”

Of course this reflects my beliefs about life and death (I do not believe death is the “end” but a “transition”).

This “transit in peace,” has allowed me to perceive what I had seen in a completely different way . The sadness was
immediately transformed into peace and awareness of the nature’s Divine perfection. It wasn’t any more a life that was finished, but rather a life that went on in another form .

All this is surely the result of the work I’ve done with PSYCH-K with respect to my relationship with death and life . I will never stop thanking this magnificent tool.

PSYCH-K can be an invaluable help for people who are leaving their physical body (what we call death), in order to do that in the best way: peacefully, with non-attachment, so that the transition to new life will be fluid and with joy.

A big hug to everyone!

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  1. Tanya connor
    Tanya connor says:

    I am impressed with you Ducio and am so glad you are doing this work with Psych-k but I love how you express in your own particular way. I move from the US to Portugal soon I have done the advanced and one day the wellness you teach . I hope to meet you . Thank you for YOU!


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