What they are saying about us

“Great experience, not just a workshop!” Alessandro U.

“A great workshop, well worth the money!”
Luca P.

“…difficult in a few words to explain how such a simple and natural lesson can be so powerful in improving the perception of the world around us and help us live in a more natural and harmonious way” Roberto C.

“I liked the workshop very much, the most beautiful gift I ever gave myself, very well done, fluid and of great impact” Valeriano L.

“Enlightening, he gave me a piece of puzzle that I had been looking for, for a long time. Very engaging and touching to all participants” Giada G.

“Stupendo, esperienza meravigliosa.” Marta M.

“Everyone should treat themselves to this magical and powerful experience. In just three days, I saw myself like never before. Thank you!” Valentina B.

“The course is to be recommended to everyone, especially to the most sceptical because, as I imagined, they are the ones who will change their minds completely.” Avvenente D.

“This workshop is a path that you have to take and that simplifies life a lot!” Francesca V.

“PSYCH-K® is like magic!” Monica V.

“Beautiful, to say the least. I was a bit skeptical but now I am convinced that PSYCH-K® works and is extraordinary! Thank you very much!” Camille A.

“Very useful, deep and effective. A gift.” Elias M.

“Personally, as I was somewhat skeptical, I had a hard time opening up, but once I started feeling the positive effects, I realized its true potential and put my trust in it”  Luca v.R.

“Fantastic, exciting. It was a great feeling to arrive and immediately feel welcome! It was like coming home. Thank you.” Michela P.

“This is a workshop that empowers you to take your life in hand and help others. Congratulations!”  Angie A.

“Stratospheric! I’m a different person from when I started this workshop, closer to myself and my true purpose in life, and with a different relationship with PSYCH-K®, which I really feel as my own now. I’m curious to see where it will take me in the future, both in terms of personal and professional development!” Claudia R.

“Heritage of Mankind.” Matteo A.

“Energizing and powerful, a must!” Giacomo B.

“The workshop definitely exceeded my initial expectations. A way to get in touch with one’s most intimate part. Unique experience!” Giada D.

“I am convinced that this is an amazing tool to improve/accelerate one’s personal growth as well as helping others” Ramona C.

“SLife changing. A workshop that puts you at the helm of your own life; without these instruments you will never be the “TRUE” master of your life” Matteo A.

“Worth the commitment 100%! Strong assonance with principles and methods that respect freedom” Monica R.

“Intense, complete, harmonious… I am happy!” Piergiovanni P.

“Wonderful. In my opinion, this is undoubtedly the universal key to taking your life in hand and changing it in the best way possible. Thank you!” Francesco D.

“Wonderful. Beyond anything you can imagine. Thank you!” Eleonora C.

“Important, enrichening. A privilege to be carried into everyday life and the world.”  Cesira I.

“A Genius, exactly what I was waiting for! All my gratitude.” Daniela B.

“It opened up a world to me that I didn’t know!” Isabella C.

“Simply wonderful. I want to thank Rob Williams and Duccio for making all this possible.” Annalisa M.

“I have attended many workshops and learned and applied a number of techniques… but I must admit that, after this, it feels like the first year in front of Hogwarts gate…” Fabio P.

“One of the most beautiful, deep and exciting experiences of my life” Jannick v.R.

“Priceless.” Federico P.

“A revelation. A great help.” Cristina P.

“Finally, I am now certain that I have the solution to reaching my every goal and to be happy at last.”  Cristina D.

“Complete! Methodical! Discreet! Bravo, thank you very much.” Adele V.

“I will definitely recommend it because I would like others to have the same opportunity of turning their lives around in a direct and simple way” Rita F.

“A complete workshop! you come out with such great method and practice that you can use the tool right away. I appreciate the fact that, while touching deep things, respect and discretion was always maintained” Luisa S.

“25 years of diagnosis and therapy just to get to the solution in one day” Rebecca R.

“It exceeded my expectations. It’s true that I am now a different person!”  Kuteer T.

“It feels like a seed in the bud; with all the power of the bud. I was right to come and invest money and energy here.”  Vincenzo D.L.

“Una rivelazione. Di grande aiuto.” Cristina P.

“I am very happy; it has definitely exceeded my expectations.”  Federica C.

“Beyond all expectations.” Nicole F.

“From day one the workshop allowed me to make a connection with the divine energy giving me more confidence in my potential. As if by magic I entered into a state of Wi-Fi connection with myself and the whole”  Laura G.

“It touched me and changed me” Giulia L.

“..a workshop that opens the frontiers of your mind and heart like many others, only at a higher level” Filomena C.

“It allowed me to meet and enjoy simplicity, the power and clarity of simplicity.” Gaia T.

“Towards infinity and beyond.” Emanuele G.

“This workshop provides you with tools; keys that can really change, improve, and help our lives and those of other people. THANK YOU!” Giulia D.

“A great workshop. Really powerful. It’s nice to see the “new paradigm” finally spreading. The power of intention is transmitted in an effective and transformative way. I think this should be a workshop attended by anyone in the medical, psychological or caring profession” Erica P.

“Useful, immediate, easy, futuristic.” Ermanno M.

“The workshop is complete in providing, even if at a basic level, a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and those competencies necessary for the practice of PSYCH-K® on ourselves and with others” Mario Antonio C.

“The Workshop. (if I had to choose one workshop to do in my whole life, I would choose this one)” Federica S.

“Greater than I expected, a truly important and incredible tool in its simplicity and effectiveness. ” Davide R.

“I finally found a workshop that works on the subconscious part of the person” Anna M.

“Simple, funny, fascinating. It gives you a boost and a crazy confidence!” Paolo D.

“Excellent, practical, necessary for those who want to enjoy life learning to help themselves and others” Georgia L.

“Effectiveness and efficiency, simplicity without triviality in solving complex and delicate problems. Extraordinary.”  Ivan C.

“Very interesting, practical and concrete. I was frightened by the idea of a large group but on the contrary the experience was surprisingly positive.” Chiara C.

“A bomb! (Good).” Ermanno M.

“Enlightening. Up to all my expectations and over.” Francesco D.

“I will go and thank those who suggested this workshop to me, it was well worth it.” Consuelo C.

“A very enlightening workshop that allowed me to see aspects of myself I didn’t know, making me feel useful to other people and allowing me to look to the future with more serenity!”  Cristina D.

“Exceptional, I will continue on this path for my personal and spiritual growth, at the service of humanity and a better world” Rosy L.

“Ottimo corso! Non trovo altro termine se non magico!” Silvia R.

“Il Corso. (da leggere come se dovessi scegliere un corso da fare nella vita, sceglierei questo).” Federica S.

“Più bello di quanto mi aspettavo, è uno strumento veramente importante ed incredibile nella sua semplicità ed efficacia.” Davide R.

“Finalmente ho trovato un corso che lavora sulla parte inconscia della persona.” Anna M.

“Semplice, divertente, affascinante. Ti dà una carica e una fiducia pazzesca!” Paolo D.

“Molto interessante, coinvolgente e risolutivo.” Sabrina P.

“Ottimo, pratico, necessario per chi vuole godersi la vita imparando ad aiutarsi e ad aiutare gli altri.” Georgia L.

“Efficacia ed efficienza, semplicità senza banalità nel risolvere problemi complessi e delicati. Straordinario.” Ivan C.

“Molto interessante, pratico e concreto. Mi spaventava l’idea di un gruppo corposo e al contrario l’esperienza è stata sorprendentemente positiva.” Chiara C.

“Una bomba! (Buona).” Daniele B.

“Tutto quello che ho fatto nella mia vita finora mi ha portata fino a qui. La vita mi conduce verso la semplicità e la bellezza, se mi ascolto.” Rebecca R.

“Efficace, potente, risolutivo.” Stefania B.

“Illuminante. All’altezza di ogni mia aspettativa e oltre.” Francesco D.

“Andrò a ringraziare chi me l’ha consigliato, ne è valsa la pena.” Consuelo C.

“Corso molto illuminante che mi ha permesso di vedere degli aspetti di me sconosciuti, di sentirmi utile verso altre persone e che vi permette di guardare al futuro con più serenità!” Cristina D.

“Eccezionale, un percorso da continuare per la mia crescita personale e spirituale, al servizio dell’umanità e di un mondo migliore.” Rosy L.