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PSYCH-K® is a unique, easy, fast, deep and sustainable process that allows you to change those limiting Beliefs, held on a subconscious level, which cause attitudes and habits that are harmful to you.

This methodology allows you to access your subconscious mind changing Beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, physical health and more. The word “psych,” which is often used as an abbreviation of “psychology,” is used in PSYCH-K® as a spelling variant of the word “psyche,” meaning the connection between mind, soul and spirit. The “K” represents the key to sustainable success.

Therefore, the main goal of PSYCH-K® is to help you free your mind from limiting Beliefs that block the awareness that you are a spiritual being living a human experience.

PSYCH-K® is essentially a spiritual process with psychological, and often physical, benefits.


By participating in a workshop, you will be able to use PSYCH-K® independently in your daily life with yourself and others, whenever and as often as you want. This will enable you to grow and evolve with an ease, and at a speed, previously unknown.

PSYCH-K® helps you to be more present, more at peace and to experience life with more joy!

PSYCH-K® is a very effective process (which is why those who are afraid of change are less likely to take this path!) but that doesn’t always mean that one Balance will be enough to achieve your goals. Sometimes resolution of a problem will need work on several related aspects. At other times, as Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the wonderful book “The Biology of Beliefs”, experienced, a single PSYCH-K® Balance will be sufficient to achieve your objective.


PSYCH-K® is a unique methodology supported by years of neuroscience, thousands of individual sessions and hundreds of group workshops.

PSYCH-K® creates a “ Whole Brain State” that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious. Accessing your subconscious mind is a process similar to accessing a computer. PSYCH-K® works as a kind of “mental keyboard” that allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind in a simple, direct, and constantly verifiable way.

Through the use of a process that in PSYCH-K® we call “Balance”, you can directly access your subconscious mind and embed empowering, positive and successful programs.

The subconscious mind processes information 1 million times faster than the conscious mind. That’s why changing a limiting Belief takes only a few minutes, or even seconds!


PSYCH-K® works differently depending on personal needs and skills. It is a multifunctional and multidisciplinary process that helps people achieve their goals in life.

  • In the hands of an individual it can serve in transforming limiting Beliefs, on a subconscious level, that often block the expression of full life potential.
  • In the hands of a mental health professional, it can be an effective supplement to traditional therapies.
  • For those with physical health problems, it can be an accompaniment to standard medical treatment that helps activate the body’s natural self-healing abilities.
  • In the hands of a spiritual researcher, it can be a tool to reduce stress by promoting a state of Hemispheric Integration.

The latter is a special state of consciousness that activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously and thus helps to “open channels” to inner spiritual guidance, unlocking the gateway to a higher consciousness.

In other words, PSYCH-K® can help you greatly accelerate your spiritual evolution!

The use of the PSYCH-K® principles, philosophy and methodology is essential to the realization of a wide variety of goals, depending on personal desires and/or professional skills.

Overall, PSYCH-K® helps people to consciously and unconsciously perceive themselves, their life circumstances and the environment in which they live, and consequently to lead a happier and more satisfying life!


Your subconscious Beliefs determine what you can and cannot achieve. If you feel that your life is like a car that you drive with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake, there is likely a conflict between your conscious goals (e.g. I want to eat better and less) and your subconscious Beliefs (I eat as an emotional release).

This type of conflict can manifest itself in relationships, work, self-esteem, sports, weight loss, abundance, even physical health. If you are struggling in one of these areas (or other areas of life), your mental/conscious efforts are probably not enough to find the fluidity you want.

By participating in a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will learn how to transform your life and help others. See the details of the next Basic Workshop.

A private session will help you when working with yourself on a subconscious level regarding the issues that matter most to you. Discover the details of private sessions.


I know it sounds incredible but the answer is… All of them! PSYCH-K® helps you get what you really need in the most important areas of your life!

Since your Beliefs touch every area of your life, you can use PSYCH-K® for your personal and spiritual growth, your work, relationships, your health and more.

what is a PSYCH-K® BalancE?

The PSYCH-K® Balance is a process designed to create an optimal connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

This “Whole Brain State” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious with new Beliefs and perceptions essential to achieving your goals.

In this manner, instead of feeling like you have one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator at the same time, you can take your foot off the brake and go straight to your goal.

can i learn PSYCH-K® ONLINE?

We understand the desire to learn PSYCH-K® online, however, PSYCH-K® processes are very interactive and dynamic, which means you can’t teach it adequately online.

Furthermore, an online workshop would not allow for observation and support during muscle testing and Facilitation processes. This is why the presence of a Certified Instructor during a Live Workshop is necessary and also in your interest.

Think about it this way: if you wanted to learn how to drive a car you could read a lot of theory and watch a lot of videos but, in the end, passing the driving test would mean getting in the car. 

That would be when you would realize that there is so much more to learn than by just watching a video or reading a manual.

why is PSYCH-K® different from other methodologies? It’s easy to learn

  • In the 3-day Basic Workshop you will learn what you need to generate significant changes in your life and, if you desire, to help people who will come to you for support. 
  • It’s easy to learn and very effective

The PSYCH-K® Balance (the change process) takes only a few minutes and creates a visible and verifiable change.

PSYCH-K® will always give you what you really need. Sometimes it will match what you want, other times it will manifest itself differently (and generally better).

  • It’s safe, deep and respectful

PSYCH-K® is based on a person’s wisdom and ability to change. The PSYCH-K® Facilitator creates the best environment for the Partner (the person asking for help) so that they can easily access key information that will then be integrated into the Balance.

PSYCH-K® uses a “permission” protocol directed at the person’s higher self, he or she who knows what is “safe and appropriate” in the context of his or her evolution.

  • It’s essentially spiritual

When you “remember” that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you will be able to enjoy all the miracles linked to this awareness, in every area of your life!

Is there a risk that using PSYCH-K® you touch themes or issues that would be better to leave alone?

To answer this question fully, it is important to note that PSYCH-K® has a specific protocol, called “Permission Protocol“, which is used before we integrate any goals or new Beliefs to make sure it is safe and appropriate for you, and your life, to do so. This is performed through a muscle (or kinesiological) test.

The answer, therefore, is no! You will decide which topics to touch (free will) and each goal must “pass” the Permission Protocol before it is integrated at a subconscious level.

PSYCH-K® can never damage a person: this is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this process!

how was PSYCH-K® born?

PSYCH-K® was originated in 1988 by Robert M. Williams. This methodology was born as a response to the frustration suffered from typical consulting techniques, based almost exclusively on “will“, “motivation” and “problem awareness“, that rarely create real and lasting changes.

For more than 30 years, Rob Williams has continued developing and improving PSYCH-K®. His experience, both in the corporate world and in psychotherapy, has permitted him to create a result-oriented approach with the goal of profound and lasting change.

PSYCH-K® uses a variety of processes; some contemporary and others ancient, both addressing the part of the mind we call the “subconscious”, enabling the creation of effective and lasting changes, quickly and easily.

Up until 1997, Rob Williams was the only person teaching PSYCH-K®. Today, there is a select group of Certified Instructors who teach PSYCH-K® Workshops worldwide.

Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors are the only individuals authorized to teach PSYCH-K® Workshops.

PSYCH-K® has grown in popularity over the last 30 years and is not the latest trend in personal development (many of which are both untested and unproven). On the contrary, PSYCH-K® is a proven method for personal growth with a strong spiritual component, rarely present in other methods. A unique approach to changing Beliefs at the subconscious level which is now recognized as revolutionary in personal growth and spiritual evolution.

what is the difference between a facilitator and a certified instructor?

Only Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors are trained and authorized to teach PSYCH-K® Workshops.

All Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors are rigorously selected and receive highly specialized training to ensure that workshop participants have the highest quality learning experience.

I have been responsible for Instructor certification worldwide since 2018.

A PSYCH-K® Facilitator is a person who has attended at least one PSYCH-K® Workshop, taught by a Certified Instructor, and uses the methodology process both on him/herself and others, but is not certified to teach it.

If you are interested in attending a PSYCH-K® workshop with the aim of becoming a PSYCH-K® Facilitator (not an Instructor), you can view the upcoming workshops here.


During a private session you can transform your limiting Beliefs and perceptions on a specific topic. Click here to learn more.


There’s a big difference between taking a PSYCH-K® Workshop and participating in a PSYCH-K® session.

By participating in a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will learn how to transform your life and also how to help others. Basically you will be able to use PSYCH-K® autonomously and as often as you want, when you want and for any problem or goal. Similarly, you will be able to do the same with people who ask for your help. 

Discover the details of the next Basic Workshop.

On the other hand, during a private session, you work on one or more specific topics, but you don’t learn the methodology, which requires the 3 days of the Basic Workshop. During a session you do all the PSYCH-K® Balances needed and are guided step-by-step through the change processes. Discover details of private sessions.


To fully answer this question, it is important that you understand that PSYCH-K® encompasses a specific protocol, called “Permission Protocol“, which is used before integrating any goals or new Beliefs. This is to make sure that it is safe and appropriate for you to do so in your life and, subsequently, also for the baby you are carrying. This is done through a muscle (or kinesiological) test.

Pregnant women who have participated in PSYCH-K® workshops and had sessions, have experienced great benefits, both for themselves and their child! Many of them have also used PSYCH-K® to have a serene, painless and happy birth.


That depends. If the medications you take do not interfere with your mental lucidity and ability to do muscle tests, the answer is yes. Furthermore, Silvia and I only do online sessions where we use a process called Surrogation that allows us to do muscle testing “for” you.

If, on the other hand, the drugs you are taking significantly affect your physical and mental lucidity, workshops and private sessions are not appropriate.


To give you a complete answer, I suggest that you first read the answer to the question: Can PSYCH-K® cure me of a medical condition?

The PSYCH-K® Workshop is an interactive and practical experience in which you are asked to work with other people. Practice is one of the most valuable aspects of the workshop because you really only learn by doing.

This, on the other hand, requires that each participant be willing to experience the PSYCH-K® process whilst interacting with another participant and also practicing and facilitating the PSYCH-K® process with the others as a group. This is done respecting timing, practices and classmates.

If your intention is resolving a specific condition but you are not sure if you are comfortable working with other people or respecting the timing of the workshop, it may be better to do individual sessions instead. 


It is important to know that PSYCH-K® is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. It is, however, very often a complementary measure.

PSYCH-K® allows you to transform any subconscious limiting Beliefs you may have that may be related to your condition. These Beliefs are usually acquired early in life and often persist in adulthood, below the level of your conscious awareness.

There is a well-established biological interaction between mind and body. This is where PSYCH-K® can help you.

PSYCH-K® does not address your condition the way a doctor would, using a diagnosis and treatment program.

In other words, PSYCH-K® is not a tool for diagnosing and treating illnesses. However, by using PSYCH-K®, you will change subconscious Beliefs that may have an impact on your health and well-being, both mental and physical.

Sometimes a condition improves dramatically just using PSYCH-K®!

Although it is not possible to guarantee a specific result, which depends largely on the individual and their condition, for over 30 years PSYCH-K® has helped individuals achieve a satisfying and joyful life, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

If you are ready to move forward in your life co-creating a new state of well-being, you can learn how to do it by yourself by participating in a 3-day PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop or by scheduling a private session.