PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1

850,00$ IVA incl.

Instructor: Duccio Locati
Date: to be defined
Time: from 9.00 to 16.00
Language: English

This course has a limited number of places.

During the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will learn to dialogue and work with all levels of your mind and gain access to the infinite potential of your soul. Everything you need to manifest miracles in your life is already inside you, you just need to have the "instructions for use" to do it. We believe from an early age that these instructions are complex, difficult to use and for a select few. I have good news: using 100% of your resources and your infinite potential is easy, fast and safe and the results last forever or for as long as you need them. That's the goal of this workshop, and that's what you will be able to do from day one and from there onwards for life or for as long as you need it.


  • Official PSYCH-K® material with detailed and complete description of the theory and processes behind PSYCH-K®;
  • An Affirmation of Attendance;
  • Continuous assistance by e-mail after the Course;
  • Constant up-dates and new ideas by e-mail;
  • An online meeting just for the Course participants, a month after the event, to answer any questions you may have on what you learned and its application.